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LibertyCon 26 Art Show Pieces

Mark Paulk isn't able to attend LibertyCon this year due to his move, and apparently also doesn't have the room for all of his artwork in the new place. Because of that he was generous enough to donate some pieces that he's collected over the years to our Charity Auction. Thanks for the donation Mark, and remember that it's tax deductible for you! (And that goes to anyone else who is running out of room and would like to help the Chattanooga Food Bank out by donating some of their possibly lesser appreciated artwork they have tucked into closets)


Kevin Ward, Circa 1981-1982


An original Kevin Ward, Circa '81-'82.  Donated by Mark Paulk


Jim Burns, Circa 1983 




 Jim Burns, circa 1983. At least we THINK it's a Jim Burns, however we didn't want to take the backing off of the frame to check. This is an original, and was donated by Mark Paulk (If this isn't a Burns, please let me know so I can correct this. Whoever the artist is, it's a phenomenal piece!) 


Dell Harris, circa 1981  



Dell Harris, circa 1981. An original, framed and in great shape... donated by Mark Paulk. (I didn't measure before it got packed back up, but that's the back of my recliner it's resting onto give a sense of scale)