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We have T-Shirt artwork!

While it's still officially 'concept' art, this is probably the design that we're going with for the shirts this year.

We absolutely loved Vincent di Fate's artwork from last year that we used on the Program Book, and so we really wanted to have it be on the shirts this year.  We try to stay away from the 'picture block on your chest' effect that you see with a lot of convention shirts, and we think this works pretty well!

Let us know what you think, and here's to seeing you guys at the Con!

LibertyCon 26 T-Shirt Art


And if you'd like, you can also see it with Grey, Green, Navy, Red, and Brown backgrounds.  And remember that you can order them on the Online Registration / Order page regardless of whether you've already pre-registered or not.


[Edit 4/29]

Just a quick update, Brandy just sent this over for me to post real quick:

Hey all!  I have just spoken with the t-shirt printer and they need the LibertyCon t-shirt order no later than June 1st.  This means that all t-shirt orders must be in by May 31st so that I can get all of the information together and send it on.  This is earlier than normal, however we wanted to use the best t-shirt printer that we could find (and June is apparently a VERY busy month).  We will not be ordering many extras, so PLEASE get your t-shirt order in either by PayPal or snail mail.  If you cannot pay now, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell me your name, the type of t-shirt, the color and the size and I will add it to the reserved list.  You can get all of the t-shirt information on the Online Store page.