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More Choo-Choo Changes for LC30

Hey everyone, we hope that you have had a great summer and for those of you who are going to DragonCon this weekend -- find us, we will be there and ready to party!

As you will undoubtedly see in the upcoming weeks, the Choo Choo has some big news. While they are keeping all of the function space as is, they have decided to turn Building 3 into apartments, which means that between Building 1 and the train cars there will only be about 130 room left as hotel space.

"What does this mean for LibertyCon?", you ask...

We do have some options, and are looking into things as we speak… or type… you know what we mean!

While we don’t have anything quite ready for prime time yet, the one thing that we ask is that if you have a hotel reservation, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CALL AND CANCEL OR CHANGE ANYTHING!

Again, we can’t give you all of the specifics quite yet, but we need to keep those reservations as is for now. You will not lose anything, and it allows us to have better discussions with different venues when we show a sold out Choo Choo.

Luckily, we have plenty of time to to ensure that LibertyCon XXX is still an amazingly kick-ass weekend, so don’t worry, and a LibertyCon membership is still a perfect Christmas present for those who haven’t gotten one yet!!!!