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Current Membership Count!

Brandy got off the phone with Matt just a little while ago, and according to our Head of Registration we are currently sitting at 702 memberships.

Which means that as of that point we only had 48 left. (And then I saw where another six or so came through after)

That being said, remember that WE WILL NOT BE SAVING ANY MEMBERSHIPS IN RESERVE THIS YEAR! Once we are sold out, that is it.

In past years we've held some back as a "Just In Case" thing, but not this year. We're just releasing all of them to you guys, so if you haven't gotten your LibertyCon 29 membership left, you have about 42 chances left and then you've missed the boat!

And you can't say that you weren't warned. Wink

Here's the link to the Online Store, btw