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The Second Annual 'Numbers Post'!

Just wanted to give you guys what will probably become the annual "Numbers Post". I know a lot of you like numbers, so here you go...

You might have looked at our list of pros for LC29, and have noticed that we have quite a few coming out this year. And by "quite a few" I really mean enough that Rich is starting to pull out the hair he has left while trying to fit everyone into the schedule.

To give you an idea, here's the breakdown:

103 Authors and Publishers of different types
21 Scientist / Scientific professionals
13 Artists
7 Performers
And a bunch of Fan Professionals and Panelists

When it's all said and done, on Sunday my database had 150 (!) people coming in to LibertyCon 29 to make our Programming the best you're going to find!

(By way of comparison, my first "Numbers" post last year had 129 people)

This list seems to keep growing every day also. As a matter of fact, I have two emails from Rich with guest photos to add to the website from last night. (Sorry Rich!)

And if you want numbers, just wait until Rich releases the Schedule... The amount of panels that man has managed to fit into 48 hours is truly mind boggling! Ok, I'll cheat, he currently has 175 listed panels/events, and he's nowhere near finished!  (You can always check out last year's schedule to get an idea what a *ahem* "smaller list" is like)  Wink

And if you've ever complained that "There's too much I want to see at the same time!" just remember Regina Kirby's immortal words, "Choice is a good thing" Laughing

A couple of last numbers for you...

100 is how many memberships we currently have left as of our meeting on Sunday (err... actually 94 as of yesterday, just checked email). It's really looking like we're going to sell out pre-Con again for the second year in a row, so if you (or someone you know) is planning on waiting to sign up at the convention, DON'T!


According to our charter we cannot sell more than 750 paid memberships, so don't miss your chance!

Another number is 20, which is how many Banquet Tickets are currently left. This is another place where we have a hard-stop number, so once these twenty tickets are gone that's it.

And the Banquet is a great time! Good food, great guests, and possibly free wine (one you want, the other you don't... trust us on this)

You can always sign up for the convention or get your Banquet ticket at our Online Store. Just do it before Pre-Reg closes (one way or another)!