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Room Party Updates

Room Party Update!

Here's a list of the room parties that we currently know about... if you want to have one as well, we're all for it! Just let us know about it though so Brandy can get you into Party Alley, and so that we can put you on the list in the Pocket Program and on the website (Don't worry, the list is coming soon)

As an fyi, the room parties will be listed in the mobile app but all with the time of 9:00PM. We don't actually have times for any of them, so I had to make one up to get them into the database.

Now on with the list!

On Friday night we have:

Debi Chowdury running NOLA 2018 
Frank & Millie Kalisz running Dublin in 2019
And the Cedar & Sanford Wedding Reception

On Saturday it's showing:

Elizabeth Meinert (for the HMS Barbarossa)
David Humphrey throwing the McPhrey Media party
Jennifer & James Liang hosting the JordanCon bash
Warren Buff is running the DC17 WorldCon bid party
and KC will be running the ChattaCon party

And Kevin Pullman will be on-hand with homebrew both nights!

If you have more information on the parties please let me know!

And we're all for a party, so like I said just let us know if you decide you want to run one! We'll put you on the list as well, just email Brandy