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Charity Auction Item update

We've told you guys about Steve Jackson's donation to the LibertyCon 28 Charity Auction, your own Munchkin card... but what about the other big ticket items?

Well I just wanted to point out a few of those in another "bring your wallet" category... Tuckerizations!

(In case you don't know know what a Tuckerization is, it's where a writer will put you into an upcoming book. It might just be your name, or it might be an entire character based off of you... maybe for a scene, or in some cases a recurring character. That's completely up to the author)

This year the pros that we have signed up to offer Tuckerizations (so far!) are:

Chuck Gannon: (It would appear in Caine's Mutiny, 4th book in the series)
Sarah Hoyt: (Buyer can specify Baen or indie, SF or fantasy)

David Drake
Jody Lynn Nye
Eric S. Brown
Eric Flint

We also have something from LGoH, David Weber. David has not been doing as many Tuckerizations as he once did. But what he's been doing instead is offering to put the winner on the first readers list. This means that the person will get his manuscripts at the same time his publisher gets it... Generally this is about a year before its released... That's right, let that one sink in for a moment. You could get copies of Weber novels delivered to your inbox at the same time as Baen or Tor!

We'll be posting more Charity Auction items over the next few days, so keep an eye out... and start saving now!