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LibertyCon Charity Auction update

You guys know that we have some great items up for sale every year in our Charity Auction, but this year I wanted to make sure to point out something special that was just sent to us by our Special Guest, Steve Jackson.

You ready for it?

He's offering the chance for you to work with SJ Games staff to come up with your own Munchkin Card! That's right, you'll have the opportunity to pitch your idea for a production card... Wild, wacky, weird, you think it and if they like it they'll make it. (Don't worry though, if your initial idea doesn't work for the game it's not a problem. They'll collaborate with you to refine your dream into the perfect Munchkin of perfection!)

Not only will you get to see your card developed by SJ Games, but you'll also be listed and thanked in the production credits!

A word of warning though, you'd better bring your wallet with you because I see a "Spraker's Kettle of Slaking: Cause all monsters to leave for a tea break. All interfering players must act out 'I'm a Little Teapot' or lose three health!" in my future!

Ps. I ran this past Steve to make sure I had everything correct with it. Here's his reply, verbatim:

Also tell them:

The card will be part of a regular set and drawn by the regular artist. It will be a real, official card.

They will get six copies of the release containing the card - which could vary widely in retail value depending on what set the card appears in, so don't base your bid solely on that. Bid for charity and for awesomeness.

The winner will meet personally with Steve at LC to start the discussion. Derek will be there to buy the drinks and wish he had bid higher. Unless Derek wins the auction, in which case the drinks are on Steve.

Special Guest or not, this guy's just cruel! Wink