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LibertyCon 28 Map is updated!

With all of the changes that we're looking at for this year at LibertyCon, I thought I'd put up an updated map so you can see where everything will be. This is up to date as of NOW, but our next meeting is tomorrow afternoon so who knows. wink emoticon
As you can tell, we're using just about every bit of function space that we can... including the American Car for readings. I've seen mention of readings at conventions being a bit removed from regular Programming areas, which is fair. It is here as well, but the authors seem to really like the American Car since it's a large space that at the same time seems pretty intimate. (Plus it's an actual train car. It's cool, you know it is.)
Everything else is as clustered as we can get it, for the most part. Programming is in the Convention Center, while Gaming and Room Parties are filling up Building 1. (We're not going to talk about the Spades Players invading the CARTA Room)
With more than 600 of our 700 memberships already sold, time is running out. So hop over to the website if you haven't already and take a look. We have over 140 pros and panelists (as of now), more than 200 scheduled events, and a ConSuite that's second to none!
And it's only a month and a half away... (yikes!)

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