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Numbers, numbers, numbers!

So in my previous post I pointed out that we're capped this year to 700 paid memberships. Well, I wanted to give you guys some other numbers to look forward to with that particular number.

How about Guests and Panelists? If you hit our site you can see the complete list, but we currently have 129 (!) people participating in our Programming panels. Of those we have 78 Authors/Editors/Publishers/Etc, 14 Scientific types, and 13 people with an Artistic bent. And that's not even counting the people coming in to perform or our Fan panelists!

Rich has been killing himself working on the Schedule (seriously man, take a breather!) and has managed to cram 171 panels/events/activities (currently!) into the 48 hours that make up the convention. How do you even do that?! Apparently by running 5 or 6 concurrent tracks of Programming depending on the time. Then throw the 1632 Mini-Con into the mix, and you have one heck of a Schedule in the offing.

Sorry to tease the Schedule to you guys, but when you see it I think you're going to like it. Heck just look at the Schedule from last year and you'll get the idea!)  Rich is still moving things around to try to accommodate everyone, but to be honest with this many panels we're going to have some unhappy people. After all, you can only be in one place at a time! (At least now, but I hear that they're working on that)

It's at this point we have to point out Brandy's favorite 'Regina Kirby Quote': "Choice is a good thing."

And while I'm throwing numbers around, if you haven't checked out the LibertyCon Author's Alley please do. We currently have 68 titles highlighted there from our various attending authors. Some of them you've probably read, others you've probably meant to read, and still others you've never heard of. But you're going to be seeing these guys at the convention, so why not give them a spin and get to know their stuff first?  (Don't worry, we're not making any money from it.  We honestly just want to showcase our authors' works to you guys)

All of this is current as of April 3, 2015. What you guys don't see are the emails I get from Rich every other day asking me to add a picture to the website for a new panelist, or the constant stream of notifications I get telling me that something has been added or changed on the Schedule.

So with all that being said, its really shaping up to be one heck of a blowout! And we hope to see you guys there!

PS. As a quick PSA, don't worry... even with all the changes we're going through this year, the beer isn't changing. Wink