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Of Hotels and Memberships

Hey guys, if you're planning on coming in to LibertyCon 28 this June here's some pretty important things that you should know about registration and the hotel:

First off, like we've said earlier: The Choo-Choo is booked solid for the convention. We have the entire thing (though there is one person that we're not too sure if they're Mundane or not). There is a waiting list, but you need to get in touch with Brandy to get on the list. DO NOT get in touch with the hotel, since she's in charge of room assignments and it won't do you any good.

We are still looking at an "official overflow" hotel, but it's taking longer than we had hoped. If you want to go ahead and get something, the three closest hotels to the Choo-Choo with direct access to the free CARTA Shuttle are:

The Days Inn Chattanooga-Rivergate ((423) 266-7331)
The Chattanooga Marriott Downtown ((423) 756-0002)
The Read House ((423) 266-4121).

There are plenty of other hotels in the area, but I can't speak too much about them since these are the other three that I've used. Plus being able to take the Shuttle to and from should be a help, since they run every fifteen minutes. There is more information on our Hotel Info page.

Now then, registrations. I've just updated the Pre-Reg list, and we're currently sitting at 346 paid memberships. That might not seem like a big deal, but you have to remember that we are capped. Usually we don't get the majority of our Pre-Reg memberships until after the Mass Mailing goes out, which won't be for another two weeks or so. I don't want to worry anyone, but I would like to say that if you have been putting off getting your membership, I don't think I would wait to do it at the door. There is the very real possibility that we might be sold out by then, so why not go ahead and do it now?

Which bring me to another thing. Most people know that we cap the memberships at 650. This year due to the 1632 Mini-Con joining us, we have bumped that amount up to 700 for 2015. (Don't worry, per our Charter we actually _CAN'T_ go higher than 750. Even that is pushing the size we want to be at... as a matter of fact, the only other time that I know of us increasing it to 700 was for our 25th Anniversary in 2012)

All that being said, at 700 memberships we WILL be closed for new registrations.

So while you do have a bit more breathing room for memberships, we're still pretty much at the halfway mark and we still have almost three months to go. We still have two weeks before the Mass Mailing goes out. Holy crap!

Another thing that's been going pretty quickly are the Banquet Tickets. I believe we still have about twenty of them left out of the original 110 or so, but like the memberships if you've been thinking about getting one and haven't I really wouldn't wait too long. After the Mass Mailing we usually have quite the run on those as well.