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ConSuite update from Vonn

A quick note from Vonn:

Hi Everyone!

As we get closer to con, one of the questions I've been asked by several people is, "How is this going to work? Will there even BE a consuite?"

I can say that yes, we will still have a wonderful consuite with all the yummy goodness y'all have grown to love. Are we moving where we are located? Yup. That's what the hotel tells me. I for one am very excited about the changes. What we know, the new consuite will be all one level and is bigger than Penn Station and the hotel is totally revamping the area. What we don't know yet is what the exact setup will look like.

With that said, your consuite department is looking forward to another great year.



Also just to let everyone know, Brandy and the crew finished up the last of the cake balls last night for the LC room party at ChattaCon last night. They have hundreds of the things all over our house, so PLEASE come out Friday night and eat these things so I don't have to bring them back! Wink