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LibertyCon News & Events

Reminder about LC30 and your reservations

Hey everyone, it’s Brandy… Happy New Year to all of my LibertyCon family!!!

I hope that you all had an amazing beginning to 2017!!

We are working hard, trying to start the new year by getting LC details tucked away early in the season!

As most of you know, the Choo Choo is turning Building 3 into apartments, so we have to move 130 people who have current reservations at the Choo Choo this summer to the Marriott.

Just a reminder of the good news, IF you have a current reservation and are willing to move to the Marriott, your first night will be FREE!!

Due to our contract, the Choo Choo will be paying that night for you if you move!! There will be the normal electric shuttles that run downtown between the two hotels and also a special bus that runs between the two hotels until 2am each morning.

If you ALREADY HAVE a reservation at the Choo Choo and are willing to move to the Marriott, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 1/10/17.  I will move your reservation, so you don’t have to do anything.  


After that time, I will be contacting the people who we will need to move.  I know there are many, many good reasons that lots of you want / need to stay at the Choo Choo, but please know that we are having to move half of the rooms to the Marriott, and well, that’s just a lot of darned rooms.  We will do the best we can, but please bear with us this year as we figure things out.  

If you don’t have a reservation, please go ahead and make a reservation at the Marriott using this link to our Marriott Reservation Page

We are going to make sure that our 30th anniversary is a year to remember!!!!

More Choo-Choo Changes for LC30

Hey everyone, we hope that you have had a great summer and for those of you who are going to DragonCon this weekend -- find us, we will be there and ready to party!

As you will undoubtedly see in the upcoming weeks, the Choo Choo has some big news. While they are keeping all of the function space as is, they have decided to turn Building 3 into apartments, which means that between Building 1 and the train cars there will only be about 130 room left as hotel space.

"What does this mean for LibertyCon?", you ask...

We do have some options, and are looking into things as we speak… or type… you know what we mean!

While we don’t have anything quite ready for prime time yet, the one thing that we ask is that if you have a hotel reservation, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CALL AND CANCEL OR CHANGE ANYTHING!

Again, we can’t give you all of the specifics quite yet, but we need to keep those reservations as is for now. You will not lose anything, and it allows us to have better discussions with different venues when we show a sold out Choo Choo.

Luckily, we have plenty of time to to ensure that LibertyCon XXX is still an amazingly kick-ass weekend, so don’t worry, and a LibertyCon membership is still a perfect Christmas present for those who haven’t gotten one yet!!!!

LibertyCon 29 is now Sold Out!

Quick update: LibertyCon 29 is now a "Sold Out Event"!

For the second year in a row Matt won't have anything to do at the convention, and can instead sit back and enjoy himself. Wink

Thanks to everyone, and we'll see you in a few weeks!

PS. This means that the convention will only have on-site "Badge Pickup". There will be no on-site Registrations.

LibertyCon 29 T-Shirt Artwork by Todd Lockwood!

Wanted to let everyone know that we got the artwork for the T-Shirts in the other day from our Artist Guest, Todd Lockwood. Any good? I'll let you decide! Personally, I think so. Wink

T-shirts will only be available for order until June 11th! So if you're wanting one, hop over to the LibertyCon Online Store and get one now! Remember, we don't carry them for sale at the convention so if you don't pre-order one you won't get one!

(Also, 32 memberships left per Matt... though I really think he missed one or two) 

LibertyCon 005

Current Membership Count!

Brandy got off the phone with Matt just a little while ago, and according to our Head of Registration we are currently sitting at 702 memberships.

Which means that as of that point we only had 48 left. (And then I saw where another six or so came through after)

That being said, remember that WE WILL NOT BE SAVING ANY MEMBERSHIPS IN RESERVE THIS YEAR! Once we are sold out, that is it.

In past years we've held some back as a "Just In Case" thing, but not this year. We're just releasing all of them to you guys, so if you haven't gotten your LibertyCon 29 membership left, you have about 42 chances left and then you've missed the boat!

And you can't say that you weren't warned. Wink

Here's the link to the Online Store, btw

The Second Annual 'Numbers Post'!

Just wanted to give you guys what will probably become the annual "Numbers Post". I know a lot of you like numbers, so here you go...

You might have looked at our list of pros for LC29, and have noticed that we have quite a few coming out this year. And by "quite a few" I really mean enough that Rich is starting to pull out the hair he has left while trying to fit everyone into the schedule.

To give you an idea, here's the breakdown:

103 Authors and Publishers of different types
21 Scientist / Scientific professionals
13 Artists
7 Performers
And a bunch of Fan Professionals and Panelists

When it's all said and done, on Sunday my database had 150 (!) people coming in to LibertyCon 29 to make our Programming the best you're going to find!

(By way of comparison, my first "Numbers" post last year had 129 people)

This list seems to keep growing every day also. As a matter of fact, I have two emails from Rich with guest photos to add to the website from last night. (Sorry Rich!)

And if you want numbers, just wait until Rich releases the Schedule... The amount of panels that man has managed to fit into 48 hours is truly mind boggling! Ok, I'll cheat, he currently has 175 listed panels/events, and he's nowhere near finished!  (You can always check out last year's schedule to get an idea what a *ahem* "smaller list" is like)  Wink

And if you've ever complained that "There's too much I want to see at the same time!" just remember Regina Kirby's immortal words, "Choice is a good thing" Laughing

A couple of last numbers for you...

100 is how many memberships we currently have left as of our meeting on Sunday (err... actually 94 as of yesterday, just checked email). It's really looking like we're going to sell out pre-Con again for the second year in a row, so if you (or someone you know) is planning on waiting to sign up at the convention, DON'T!


According to our charter we cannot sell more than 750 paid memberships, so don't miss your chance!

Another number is 20, which is how many Banquet Tickets are currently left. This is another place where we have a hard-stop number, so once these twenty tickets are gone that's it.

And the Banquet is a great time! Good food, great guests, and possibly free wine (one you want, the other you don't... trust us on this)

You can always sign up for the convention or get your Banquet ticket at our Online Store. Just do it before Pre-Reg closes (one way or another)!

LC29 Overflow Hotel Info

Hey everyone, Brandy here… as our main hotel is sold out, we now have a wonderful overflow hotel just 6 short blocks from the Choo Choo and less than 3 blocks from the shuttle!

The Staybridge Suites is a comfortable, upscale hotel that also comes with a hot breakfast each morning on your way to the con (before you have 2nd breakfast in the consuite).  

Studios with one queen bed and one queen sleeper sofa are $119 per night (plus taxes) and the one bedroom suites with either a king or two full beds plus a sleeper sofa are $129 per night (plus taxes).

We were very lucky to get this price as many of the hotels are going for over $140 during the busy tourist season.

For reservations, please call 423-267-0900 or 1-800-238-8000 and simply refer to the room block for LibertyCon.  The cut-off date for this rate is June 15, so call now!

As this is a brand new contract, if you have any issues getting the reservation, please email me.

LibertyCon 28 IOS App is now available!

I just got the word... Apple approved the LC28 Mobile App update! Just in time for the convention, you can now update your IOS app to the most current version.

In case you don't already have it on your device, here's the link (or just search for LibertyCon in the App Store)

And remember that the Android version is already available on the Google Play Store!

Room Party Updates

Room Party Update!

Here's a list of the room parties that we currently know about... if you want to have one as well, we're all for it! Just let us know about it though so Brandy can get you into Party Alley, and so that we can put you on the list in the Pocket Program and on the website (Don't worry, the list is coming soon)

As an fyi, the room parties will be listed in the mobile app but all with the time of 9:00PM. We don't actually have times for any of them, so I had to make one up to get them into the database.

Now on with the list!

On Friday night we have:

Debi Chowdury running NOLA 2018 
Frank & Millie Kalisz running Dublin in 2019
And the Cedar & Sanford Wedding Reception

On Saturday it's showing:

Elizabeth Meinert (for the HMS Barbarossa)
David Humphrey throwing the McPhrey Media party
Jennifer & James Liang hosting the JordanCon bash
Warren Buff is running the DC17 WorldCon bid party
and KC will be running the ChattaCon party

And Kevin Pullman will be on-hand with homebrew both nights!

If you have more information on the parties please let me know!

And we're all for a party, so like I said just let us know if you decide you want to run one! We'll put you on the list as well, just email Brandy

Charity Auction Item update

We've told you guys about Steve Jackson's donation to the LibertyCon 28 Charity Auction, your own Munchkin card... but what about the other big ticket items?

Well I just wanted to point out a few of those in another "bring your wallet" category... Tuckerizations!

(In case you don't know know what a Tuckerization is, it's where a writer will put you into an upcoming book. It might just be your name, or it might be an entire character based off of you... maybe for a scene, or in some cases a recurring character. That's completely up to the author)

This year the pros that we have signed up to offer Tuckerizations (so far!) are:

Chuck Gannon: (It would appear in Caine's Mutiny, 4th book in the series)
Sarah Hoyt: (Buyer can specify Baen or indie, SF or fantasy)

David Drake
Jody Lynn Nye
Eric S. Brown
Eric Flint

We also have something from LGoH, David Weber. David has not been doing as many Tuckerizations as he once did. But what he's been doing instead is offering to put the winner on the first readers list. This means that the person will get his manuscripts at the same time his publisher gets it... Generally this is about a year before its released... That's right, let that one sink in for a moment. You could get copies of Weber novels delivered to your inbox at the same time as Baen or Tor!

We'll be posting more Charity Auction items over the next few days, so keep an eye out... and start saving now!

The LC28 Mobile App is Coming!

LibertyCon 28 ScreenshotSo guys, look what I have on my phone! Ben has been working on the new app for LibertyCon, and it's just about ready. Just a couple more interface tweaks and it will be on the Google Play store and submitted to the Apple store (Though you know that they take longer than the Play store.) 

Keep an eye here and we'll let you know when to go get it!

In the homestretch!

Two weeks from today (Hey, it's after midnight...  I can say "today"!) we'll be down at the Choo-Choo setting up the Art Show, bringing a couple of truck loads of supplies from the warehouse, and generally wondering why we ever thought that this was a good idea in the first place!

I just thought I'd give everyone a quick update to what's going on...

The first thing is that we're having our last staff meeting before LibertyCon 28 this Sunday at 2:00pm.  It'll be at the Spraker household, so just email Brandy if you need directions.  If you've ever wanted to get involved, but weren't sure how, just come on down!  Believe me, I've seen how this thing is run...  we can use the help!  Wink

Apart from that, we're getting everything settled out.  The Program Book went to the printer this morning, and badges will be shipped over to them in a few days.  T-Shirts are ordered and should be on their way soon, in plenty of time to be waiting for the descending hordes.

We're still talking over the "fiddley bits" in the Schedule as well as the function space, but it's all pretty much nailed down for now.  That being said, be sure to keep an eye on this space for when our official Android & Apple IOS apps hit the markets!  It should be any day now!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone at the convention!

LibertyCon Charity Auction update

You guys know that we have some great items up for sale every year in our Charity Auction, but this year I wanted to make sure to point out something special that was just sent to us by our Special Guest, Steve Jackson.

You ready for it?

He's offering the chance for you to work with SJ Games staff to come up with your own Munchkin Card! That's right, you'll have the opportunity to pitch your idea for a production card... Wild, wacky, weird, you think it and if they like it they'll make it. (Don't worry though, if your initial idea doesn't work for the game it's not a problem. They'll collaborate with you to refine your dream into the perfect Munchkin of perfection!)

Not only will you get to see your card developed by SJ Games, but you'll also be listed and thanked in the production credits!

A word of warning though, you'd better bring your wallet with you because I see a "Spraker's Kettle of Slaking: Cause all monsters to leave for a tea break. All interfering players must act out 'I'm a Little Teapot' or lose three health!" in my future!

Ps. I ran this past Steve to make sure I had everything correct with it. Here's his reply, verbatim:

Also tell them:

The card will be part of a regular set and drawn by the regular artist. It will be a real, official card.

They will get six copies of the release containing the card - which could vary widely in retail value depending on what set the card appears in, so don't base your bid solely on that. Bid for charity and for awesomeness.

The winner will meet personally with Steve at LC to start the discussion. Derek will be there to buy the drinks and wish he had bid higher. Unless Derek wins the auction, in which case the drinks are on Steve.

Special Guest or not, this guy's just cruel! Wink

LibertyCon 28 Registration is now closed!

Well, for those of you that I have been annoying with "There are only XX memberships left!" messages... you're safe now.

Registration for LibertyCon 28 has just closed. For the first time ever, we have sold out all available memberships for the convention over a month ahead of time! When you factor paid memberships and attending pros together, this will be the largest LibertyCon on record!

We look forward to seeing all of you next month, and in the meantime please help us come up with things for Matt to do since his Friday just cleared up like we wouldn't have believed. Wink

Another membership count update

I know everyone is tired of me posting updates about how many memberships are left, but don't worry... it's almost to the point where I won't have to any longer.

I had planned on making another update when we hit 650, but due to a large rush over the last couple of days that sort of got past me. I don't have the official count from Matt right now, but by my best estimate we're currently sitting at 672 sold memberships out of our available 700!

That's right folks, 28 memberships left before we shut the doors for ordering. That being said, take note of this next bit:


Please let anyone and everyone that you know that _MIGHT_ have an interest in coming to the convention know about this. We would really hate for someone to drive in from Kentucky only to be turned away at the door.

Also remember that ordering for shirts is about to close as well. May 31st will be your last chance to order an LC28 T-Shirt or polo (Girl cut is available!).

My word... Matt is going to have an easy convention this year! Wink

Head on over to the Pre-Regsitration Page now and get your membership if you're not on the Pre-Reg list!

Running low on Memberships

A couple of things came out of the meeting this afternoon. The first, and most important, is that we're closer to our membership limit than I thought we were.

We're currently sitting at 625 memberships, so only 75 left to sell before we shut down Registration. With six weeks still to go, it's really looking doubtful that we're going to have any on-site Registration at all.

We're still getting memberships coming in every day, so if you're planning to come out to the convention this June get your membership now. We would hate for anyone out there to come out to the hotel on the day of and have to turn back around without a badge.

Also our overflow room block at the Marriott expires on May 26th, only 9 days from now. The Choo-Choo is completely sold out, and has a waiting list that's longer than George Carlin's "Seven Words". The Marriott is the closest stop on the free CARTA shuttle line, which runs all weekend, and room nights are $119. You can find their information on the Hotel Information page.

LibertyCon 28 Map is updated!

With all of the changes that we're looking at for this year at LibertyCon, I thought I'd put up an updated map so you can see where everything will be. This is up to date as of NOW, but our next meeting is tomorrow afternoon so who knows. wink emoticon
As you can tell, we're using just about every bit of function space that we can... including the American Car for readings. I've seen mention of readings at conventions being a bit removed from regular Programming areas, which is fair. It is here as well, but the authors seem to really like the American Car since it's a large space that at the same time seems pretty intimate. (Plus it's an actual train car. It's cool, you know it is.)
Everything else is as clustered as we can get it, for the most part. Programming is in the Convention Center, while Gaming and Room Parties are filling up Building 1. (We're not going to talk about the Spades Players invading the CARTA Room)
With more than 600 of our 700 memberships already sold, time is running out. So hop over to the website if you haven't already and take a look. We have over 140 pros and panelists (as of now), more than 200 scheduled events, and a ConSuite that's second to none!
And it's only a month and a half away... (yikes!)

ChooChooMap Color 2015 Changes

The LibertyCon 28 Mass Mailing just went out!

Just thought everyone should know that the LibertyCon 28 Mass Mailing just went out.

In case you didn't get a copy, you can take a look at it here.

Not only does it have information about what's going on at LibertyCon 28, but also overflow and alternate hotel information.

Also a word of warning, we now have right at two hundred memberships left for sale.  If you're planning on coming to LibertyCon I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you go ahead and pre-register as soon as possible!  There is a very good chance that we will sell out before the convention, and if so there will not be on-site registration!

Like always, you can pre-register online at our Online Store

Numbers, numbers, numbers!

So in my previous post I pointed out that we're capped this year to 700 paid memberships. Well, I wanted to give you guys some other numbers to look forward to with that particular number.

How about Guests and Panelists? If you hit our site you can see the complete list, but we currently have 129 (!) people participating in our Programming panels. Of those we have 78 Authors/Editors/Publishers/Etc, 14 Scientific types, and 13 people with an Artistic bent. And that's not even counting the people coming in to perform or our Fan panelists!

Rich has been killing himself working on the Schedule (seriously man, take a breather!) and has managed to cram 171 panels/events/activities (currently!) into the 48 hours that make up the convention. How do you even do that?! Apparently by running 5 or 6 concurrent tracks of Programming depending on the time. Then throw the 1632 Mini-Con into the mix, and you have one heck of a Schedule in the offing.

Sorry to tease the Schedule to you guys, but when you see it I think you're going to like it. Heck just look at the Schedule from last year and you'll get the idea!)  Rich is still moving things around to try to accommodate everyone, but to be honest with this many panels we're going to have some unhappy people. After all, you can only be in one place at a time! (At least now, but I hear that they're working on that)

It's at this point we have to point out Brandy's favorite 'Regina Kirby Quote': "Choice is a good thing."

And while I'm throwing numbers around, if you haven't checked out the LibertyCon Author's Alley please do. We currently have 68 titles highlighted there from our various attending authors. Some of them you've probably read, others you've probably meant to read, and still others you've never heard of. But you're going to be seeing these guys at the convention, so why not give them a spin and get to know their stuff first?  (Don't worry, we're not making any money from it.  We honestly just want to showcase our authors' works to you guys)

All of this is current as of April 3, 2015. What you guys don't see are the emails I get from Rich every other day asking me to add a picture to the website for a new panelist, or the constant stream of notifications I get telling me that something has been added or changed on the Schedule.

So with all that being said, its really shaping up to be one heck of a blowout! And we hope to see you guys there!

PS. As a quick PSA, don't worry... even with all the changes we're going through this year, the beer isn't changing. Wink

Of Hotels and Memberships

Hey guys, if you're planning on coming in to LibertyCon 28 this June here's some pretty important things that you should know about registration and the hotel:

First off, like we've said earlier: The Choo-Choo is booked solid for the convention. We have the entire thing (though there is one person that we're not too sure if they're Mundane or not). There is a waiting list, but you need to get in touch with Brandy to get on the list. DO NOT get in touch with the hotel, since she's in charge of room assignments and it won't do you any good.

We are still looking at an "official overflow" hotel, but it's taking longer than we had hoped. If you want to go ahead and get something, the three closest hotels to the Choo-Choo with direct access to the free CARTA Shuttle are:

The Days Inn Chattanooga-Rivergate ((423) 266-7331)
The Chattanooga Marriott Downtown ((423) 756-0002)
The Read House ((423) 266-4121).

There are plenty of other hotels in the area, but I can't speak too much about them since these are the other three that I've used. Plus being able to take the Shuttle to and from should be a help, since they run every fifteen minutes. There is more information on our Hotel Info page.

Now then, registrations. I've just updated the Pre-Reg list, and we're currently sitting at 346 paid memberships. That might not seem like a big deal, but you have to remember that we are capped. Usually we don't get the majority of our Pre-Reg memberships until after the Mass Mailing goes out, which won't be for another two weeks or so. I don't want to worry anyone, but I would like to say that if you have been putting off getting your membership, I don't think I would wait to do it at the door. There is the very real possibility that we might be sold out by then, so why not go ahead and do it now?

Which bring me to another thing. Most people know that we cap the memberships at 650. This year due to the 1632 Mini-Con joining us, we have bumped that amount up to 700 for 2015. (Don't worry, per our Charter we actually _CAN'T_ go higher than 750. Even that is pushing the size we want to be at... as a matter of fact, the only other time that I know of us increasing it to 700 was for our 25th Anniversary in 2012)

All that being said, at 700 memberships we WILL be closed for new registrations.

So while you do have a bit more breathing room for memberships, we're still pretty much at the halfway mark and we still have almost three months to go. We still have two weeks before the Mass Mailing goes out. Holy crap!

Another thing that's been going pretty quickly are the Banquet Tickets. I believe we still have about twenty of them left out of the original 110 or so, but like the memberships if you've been thinking about getting one and haven't I really wouldn't wait too long. After the Mass Mailing we usually have quite the run on those as well.