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LibertyCon News & Events

Quick updates

Just wanted to let everyone know a couple of things...  first, the tickets for the LibertyCon 30 Banquet are already sold out!  It only took you guys like three days to get all of them!  We really appreciate the enthusiasm, and we're looking forward to having our best one yet!

Also as a quick note, we just wanted to let you know that Rich has opened the gates!  That's right, he's opened up the schedule for LC30 for everyone to look at...  and this thing is HUGE!  So go take a look at his latest monstrosity...  I mean work of art, and get your plans laid out for LibertyCon 30!

And as always, when you're looking at all of the options...  and you want to see everything but can't...  in the immortal words of Regina Kirby, "Choice is good".

The LibertyCon 30 Schedule

Doug Loss running "One Last Job" at LC30

You guys might not know about it yet, but Doug Loss will be GM'ing an RPG session of "One Last Job" in Norfolk Saturday night at LC30 (at 6:00pm...  set a reminder now!).  

To give you an idea of what's up with it, here's you a bit of info:

If It Was Easy, We Wouldn't Need You

You're between jobs and things are getting a little tight when your ex, who's still working at Gressler-Khan (he's in upper management now) pings you.  He says he has something interesting that you might be a good fit for, but you need to see him in his office immediately.  What the hell, a girl's gotta eat.  You flash him back saying you'll be right there.

The security drones scan your creds (S4r4riw0m4n_LX) and pass you through with no hassle; what a change from when they escorted you away from your deck and out the door the last time you were here.  You go to your ex's office and after the door closes a surveillock field slashes all your connections.  Damn, this must be more than a little important.

Your ex looks you up and down and says, “Sarari, before we get started I need you to sig an ex-prej NDA.  You know what that means.  Break it and you're termed.”  Oh well, no guts, no glory.  You sig.

“OK, we need you to break into the Tessier-Ashpool orbital stronghold and upload an AI.  What it's for is none of your business.  We can't use a standard corp team for this, as the possibility of blow-back if they're made would be too great.  You'll have to infiltrate the corporate complex without raising the alarm.  You'll probably run into corporate crews of cyberwear-laden professionals primed to dispatch if there's trouble, surveillance bots, rentacop corporate security guards, and who knows what else?

“I'm thinking to do this you'll need to find Logos. That AI-rigger has a worryingly close relationship with her (or his? we've never met in meatspace) silicon friends.  But you've worked with her before.  I remember when you convinced that Senator to give up the information that Logos needed using only a needle.

“You used to be the best deck-jockey we had, till that black ICE fried your brain and left you a drooling simpleton.  Our cybermedtechs did what they could and mostly brought you back, but there were still unpredictabilities we couldn't accept around our class-1 datasets.  Still, I think you can do this.  We'll front you untraceable kit and transport; just let us know what you need.  The payout's more than you'd see in five years if you succeed.  You in?”

Character General Abilities:
MUSCLE (Hurt people, be athletic, intimidate, protect)
CYBER (Hack things, use computers)
SHADOW (Sneak, avoid things, break and enter, criminal knowledge)
HUSTLE (Lie, cheat, charm, impersonate, convince)

Game System Download

Quick note about the counter at the top of the page

Observant people out there might say "Hey, yesterday the LC page said that they had less than 200 memberships left...  now it's over 200.  What's going on?  Are they fiddling with the numbers?!"

Just wanted to let you know that we're not cooking the books or anything.  There were 91 memberships that were on paper from the end of the convention last year, and the webpage only counted the electronic ones that have come in through Paypal.  So my counter simply added xx memberships until Matt could get them typed into the database from paper.  

He just finished doing the last batch so I took out that workaround from the counter, no mafia involved.  Really...  we promise.  (ignore the nervous look)

Reminder about LC30 and your reservations

Hey everyone, it’s Brandy… Happy New Year to all of my LibertyCon family!!!

I hope that you all had an amazing beginning to 2017!!

We are working hard, trying to start the new year by getting LC details tucked away early in the season!

As most of you know, the Choo Choo is turning Building 3 into apartments, so we have to move 130 people who have current reservations at the Choo Choo this summer to the Marriott.

Just a reminder of the good news, IF you have a current reservation and are willing to move to the Marriott, your first night will be FREE!!

Due to our contract, the Choo Choo will be paying that night for you if you move!! There will be the normal electric shuttles that run downtown between the two hotels and also a special bus that runs between the two hotels until 2am each morning.

If you ALREADY HAVE a reservation at the Choo Choo and are willing to move to the Marriott, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 1/10/17.  I will move your reservation, so you don’t have to do anything.  


After that time, I will be contacting the people who we will need to move.  I know there are many, many good reasons that lots of you want / need to stay at the Choo Choo, but please know that we are having to move half of the rooms to the Marriott, and well, that’s just a lot of darned rooms.  We will do the best we can, but please bear with us this year as we figure things out.  

If you don’t have a reservation, please go ahead and make a reservation at the Marriott using this link to our Marriott Reservation Page

We are going to make sure that our 30th anniversary is a year to remember!!!!

More Choo-Choo Changes for LC30

Hey everyone, we hope that you have had a great summer and for those of you who are going to DragonCon this weekend -- find us, we will be there and ready to party!

As you will undoubtedly see in the upcoming weeks, the Choo Choo has some big news. While they are keeping all of the function space as is, they have decided to turn Building 3 into apartments, which means that between Building 1 and the train cars there will only be about 130 room left as hotel space.

"What does this mean for LibertyCon?", you ask...

We do have some options, and are looking into things as we speak… or type… you know what we mean!

While we don’t have anything quite ready for prime time yet, the one thing that we ask is that if you have a hotel reservation, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CALL AND CANCEL OR CHANGE ANYTHING!

Again, we can’t give you all of the specifics quite yet, but we need to keep those reservations as is for now. You will not lose anything, and it allows us to have better discussions with different venues when we show a sold out Choo Choo.

Luckily, we have plenty of time to to ensure that LibertyCon XXX is still an amazingly kick-ass weekend, so don’t worry, and a LibertyCon membership is still a perfect Christmas present for those who haven’t gotten one yet!!!!

Halfway to Sold Out for LC30!

At the Dead Dog Party after LibertyCon, Brandy and Matt were talking. There were so many people singing up already for LC30 that she had said, "Wouldn't it be great if we got to 375 by the end of July? Halfway to sold out already."

And Matt told her he was crazy, and they went back to playing Munchkin.

By way of explanation, we usually have around 80 or so registrations by the Sunday of LibertyCon. Usually we're at around 200 or so by Christmas, then we have a burst that starts in the spring and becomes a full bore rush a couple of months before the convention. (Remember, this year was only the second time we've sold out!)

Well folks, with the membership from Maxim Poddubny from Forest Hills, NY we have now hit 375!

That's right, we are halfway sold out for LibertyCon 30... and not only by the end of July, but just over a week after the end of the convention!

That counter that's on the banner at the top? Well, it just went from being a counter to being a countdown!

375 in, 375 to go...

And I bet Brandy's already wondering if we can get them before the Christmas Party. Wink

LibertyCon 29 is over and done, and the website is getting updated

Just wanted to point out to everyone (in case you hadn't already noticed) that we're already gearing up for LibertyCon 30 now that LC29 is wrapped up.  (and it's the earliest I've ever done it!)

Most of the sections have been updated, and pre-registration is currently open so go take a look and see why you need to come out in 2017!

And in case you haven't already checked out our guest list for LC30, here you go:

Literary Guest

Kevin Hearne

30th Anniv. Literary Guest

John Ringo

Artist Guest

Dan dos Santos

Science Guest

Dr. Elisa Quintana

Special Guest

Todd McCaffrey

Master of Ceremonies

Toni Weisskopf

30th Anniv. Guest

Faith Hunter

I'm sorry that I haven't posted an LC29 Wrap-Up report yet, but this update has taken all of my time.  Don't worry, you'll hear me blather on about how great it was...  at least what I remember.  LibertyCon is always a blur of good times afterward for me.  Wink

Just over 72 hours left!

Just got this from Fritz, where he posted it on Facebook:

A few Announcements:
 1) The dedicated space for the book readings has been moved from the Victorian Room to the CARTA Room. All publications have been updated with this info (website, app, Pocket Program, YouAreHere Signs), but we wanted to mention it here too.
 2) The Blood Drive sponsored by Blood Assurance will be on Saturday. You won't be able to miss their blood mobile outside the main convention event space. All those that attempt to give blood will be put into a drawing to win a LC30 membership.
 3) The Charity of Choice is Lana's Love. We've already had lots of cool stuff donated for the Charity Auction, we are always on the lookout for more cool stuff. Please don't hesitate to bring anything to donate to this cause. Don't forget: This donation counts as a Tax Write Off.
 4) The Gaming Room is going to be 24 Hour Gaming. There's lots of events going on in the Norfolk Room as well, but the room won't close until the convention does.
 5) We are always looking for volunteers to help out when and where needed. If you're interested, just let us know prior to the convention or at the convention.  (Or you can use our signup form)
 6) If you have any questions or issues at the convention, PLEASE DON'T HESITATE to ask a Staff Member. Look at any given badge, if there is a ribbon on it that says STAFF, then you are looking at a LibertyCon Staff Member. If they can't immediately answer your question, they will know exactly where to direct you to resolve any question or concern.
 7) We're looking forward to seeing everyone. We've worked hard to make this the best LibertyCon ever (as we do every year). This whole OneUpmanshipThing that we impose on ourselves is a bitch, but it seems to work. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we've enjoyed putting it together!
See You All SOON!!!!
-- Kevin FRITZ Fotovich
LibertyCon Secretary

Pre-LC29 Announcements!

Some quick notes from Fritz, our LibertyCon Secretary:

Good Morning LibertyCon Family!
T-Minus 10 Days from a SOLD OUT SHOW for LC29!
We’ll be having a few announcements made during these next 10 days, and this facebook page will be the primary source of delivery for those messages.
Announcement 1:
The LibertyCon Banquet, a Horror Theme Luncheon and Guest of Honor Speech event that will be at Noon on Saturday in the Roosevelt Room, just had two (2) tickets become available. If you are interested in snatching up those seats, please contact our Chairman, Brandy Spraker.
Announcement 2:
There are three (3) Fan Tables left for Fan Organizations. These are tables that are in the main programming event building with prime traffic visibility. The tables are $15 each for the weekend. Yes… $15 gets you a table all weekend to promote your fan organization. If your organization would like to set up a booth in one of these spaces, please let us know.
Announcement 3:
THE GAMING ROOM RETURNS TO 24 HOUR GAMING THIS YEAR! Our new Gaming Director, David Boling, wanted this to happen and we said, “Make it so.” So, it is. Table top gaming will be going on 24 hours a day Friday thru Sunday in the Norfolk Room.
Announcement 4:
Blood Assurance will once again be at LibertyCon. They are scheduled to have their blood mobile in from of the main programming event space on Saturday from 10:30am-3:30pm. All who attempt to give blood will be entered into a drawing for a LC30 membership. Blood Assurance is also providing T-Shirts for all those that can donate.
Donors can go to our blood drive's online sign-up page at https://donor.bloodassurance.org/donor/schedules/drive_schedule/84686 and schedule themselves for an appointment. The blood letters and collectors won’t turn away walk-ins, but if you schedule an appointment then you’ll know exactly when to be there in order to bleed.
Announcement 5:

LibertyCon 29 is now Sold Out!

Quick update: LibertyCon 29 is now a "Sold Out Event"!

For the second year in a row Matt won't have anything to do at the convention, and can instead sit back and enjoy himself. Wink

Thanks to everyone, and we'll see you in a few weeks!

PS. This means that the convention will only have on-site "Badge Pickup". There will be no on-site Registrations.

James Sullos, President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc is coming into town!

You know that we get a lot of big name pros into LibertyCon, and we just got notification of another one.

You might not have heard of James Sullos, but you've probably heard of the company that he's president of.... Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

This is the guy that has been responsible for pretty much every ERB property that you've seen in the last two decades, including the new movie that comes out the week before LibertyCon! (Tell me that you're not looking forward to that one)

When you consider that Mr. Sullos and Cathy Wilbanks are coming in from ERB, Inc. and that we also have Martin Powell and Leia... We pretty much have the ERB universe cornered!

In case you didn't know, Martin writes web comics (eight of them!) for ERB as well as having written multiple graphic novels and Leia is their ONLY licensed stained glass artist. You caught that, right? The ONLY licensed artist!
So if you're a fan of Tarzan, John Carter or etc, you're probably going to enjoy this year even more!

LibertyCon 29 Schedule is UP!

Release the Kraken!

And by "Kraken" I mean the truly massive beast that Rich has put together as LibertyCon 29's Programming Schedule!

Seriously, go take a look at this thing... currently we have 238 separate events listed on there, covered by 154 pros and panelists. Heck, this thing has so much in it that Rich had to back up the beginning of the schedule to 1:00pm on Friday afternoon! I'm pretty sure that this is the first time programming has ever started before 3:00pm, but there just wasn't any way for him to fit it all in... oh yes, people will both praise and curse the man this year. "I love the schedule!" to "There's too much, I can't decide!" to "Why did you put XXXXXX against XXXXXX?! Don't you know that I have to see both of them?!"

Since we're still a month away from the convention the schedule is still subject to change, so check back every now and then to catch the latest!

Also the LibertyCon 29 IOS/Android app will be going live in the near future, and don't worry... I'll be sure to let everyone know when it does.

Now what are you waiting for? Head on over!

New Science Guest of Honor for LC29

Have a bit of Con news for you guys... some of you might have heard already, but Dr. Kevin Grazier, our LC29 Science Guest of Honor, has had to withdraw as SGoH this year. He is starting a new job at West Point around the same time, and the scheduling just didn't work out.

We're sorry to hear it, but wish him well in his new position. Also we really want to get him for a future year, since I know that I at least really want to ask him how long it actually took to track down and identify all of the materials that were used for building the stealth ship on BSG! Wink

So the "REAL" news is that we now have a new Science Guest of Honor for LibertyCon 29!

Dr. Ben Davis will be replacing Dr. Grazier on the Headliners Listing, and I'm sure that he'll do quite the admirable job!

He's a familiar face to most of you guys, but just in case you didn't know it... Nuclear Physics, Astrophysics, advanced math, programming... you name it, he can probably talk about it.

Check out his Dr. Ben Davis Bio Page on the website, or you can find him at www.facebook.com/AskDrBen

LibertyCon 29 T-Shirt Artwork by Todd Lockwood!

Wanted to let everyone know that we got the artwork for the T-Shirts in the other day from our Artist Guest, Todd Lockwood. Any good? I'll let you decide! Personally, I think so. Wink

T-shirts will only be available for order until June 11th! So if you're wanting one, hop over to the LibertyCon Online Store and get one now! Remember, we don't carry them for sale at the convention so if you don't pre-order one you won't get one!

(Also, 32 memberships left per Matt... though I really think he missed one or two) 

LibertyCon 005

Current Membership Count!

Brandy got off the phone with Matt just a little while ago, and according to our Head of Registration we are currently sitting at 702 memberships.

Which means that as of that point we only had 48 left. (And then I saw where another six or so came through after)

That being said, remember that WE WILL NOT BE SAVING ANY MEMBERSHIPS IN RESERVE THIS YEAR! Once we are sold out, that is it.

In past years we've held some back as a "Just In Case" thing, but not this year. We're just releasing all of them to you guys, so if you haven't gotten your LibertyCon 29 membership left, you have about 42 chances left and then you've missed the boat!

And you can't say that you weren't warned. Wink

Here's the link to the Online Store, btw

LC29 Schedule Teaser

So while Rich has been hard at work on the LC29 Schedule (believe me, the guy has been putting in more hours than his day job on the thing!), he wanted me to post something as both teaser and a "You might want to get something prepared for this sort of thing".

Here are our Alpha and Omega programming events in the Workshops track. The first is Friday @1:00pm, and the second on Sunday @1:00pm.

Friday 1PM: Face to Face Critiques from the Slushmaster General - MC Gray Rinehart, the BAEN Slushmaster General will critique your work - first come first serve basis - bring the first 5 pages of your story and your 1-2 page synopsis. You will receive real time feedback. Learn what really happens to your manuscript once it arrives at the publishers, and how to make yours stand out!

Sunday 1PM: Creature Features: Bringing Your Monster to Life - From Simple Shapes to Monstrous Mayhem! Special GOH Melissa Gay shows you how to design and draw your own creature in this 2-hour workshop. Pencils, paper, and Sharpies supplied-- bring your own creativity!

And as a warning, he has told me to be ready any day now to open the schedule for everyone to see! I'll be sure to post when he does, but be ready to hit the Schedule Page!

The Second Annual 'Numbers Post'!

Just wanted to give you guys what will probably become the annual "Numbers Post". I know a lot of you like numbers, so here you go...

You might have looked at our list of pros for LC29, and have noticed that we have quite a few coming out this year. And by "quite a few" I really mean enough that Rich is starting to pull out the hair he has left while trying to fit everyone into the schedule.

To give you an idea, here's the breakdown:

103 Authors and Publishers of different types
21 Scientist / Scientific professionals
13 Artists
7 Performers
And a bunch of Fan Professionals and Panelists

When it's all said and done, on Sunday my database had 150 (!) people coming in to LibertyCon 29 to make our Programming the best you're going to find!

(By way of comparison, my first "Numbers" post last year had 129 people)

This list seems to keep growing every day also. As a matter of fact, I have two emails from Rich with guest photos to add to the website from last night. (Sorry Rich!)

And if you want numbers, just wait until Rich releases the Schedule... The amount of panels that man has managed to fit into 48 hours is truly mind boggling! Ok, I'll cheat, he currently has 175 listed panels/events, and he's nowhere near finished!  (You can always check out last year's schedule to get an idea what a *ahem* "smaller list" is like)  Wink

And if you've ever complained that "There's too much I want to see at the same time!" just remember Regina Kirby's immortal words, "Choice is a good thing" Laughing

A couple of last numbers for you...

100 is how many memberships we currently have left as of our meeting on Sunday (err... actually 94 as of yesterday, just checked email). It's really looking like we're going to sell out pre-Con again for the second year in a row, so if you (or someone you know) is planning on waiting to sign up at the convention, DON'T!


According to our charter we cannot sell more than 750 paid memberships, so don't miss your chance!

Another number is 20, which is how many Banquet Tickets are currently left. This is another place where we have a hard-stop number, so once these twenty tickets are gone that's it.

And the Banquet is a great time! Good food, great guests, and possibly free wine (one you want, the other you don't... trust us on this)

You can always sign up for the convention or get your Banquet ticket at our Online Store. Just do it before Pre-Reg closes (one way or another)!

2016 Hugo Nominees are up!

I'm sure that you guys have heard that the 2016 Hugo finalists have been announced, but did you notice all of the LibertyCon past guests and regulars that are on there?

Just wanted to give a shout out to all of our friends, and congratulate them on making the cut!
Under "Best Novella" we have LC12 LGoH Lois McMaster Bujold up against Brandon Sanderson (LC25 LGoH)... two phenomenal writers, one award! Thunderdome!

Thomas A. Mays will be attending Liberty this year, so we can congratulate him in person for his nod for his short story, "The Commuter". And possibly buy him a beer! (ok, so it will be from the ConSuite, but it's the thought that counts!)Wink

Jerry Pournelle has been LGoH at LibertyCon a couple of times (along with his partner in crime Larry Niven) and this year he gets a nod for "Best Editor (Short Form)".

The last mention is for "Best Editor (Long Form)", and here we have two nods going out to familiar faces around LibertyCon... James Minz and Toni Weisskopf! Congrats to both of them, but if I could offer a bit of paraphrased advice... "Jim, let the boss win!"

(And to be clear... I said 'boss' and not 'wookie', so no trying to get me in trouble with Toni!)Cool

Again congratulations to all of the finalists, but especially to our friends and family!
You can see the complete list on the official Hugo Awards site

LC29 Overflow Hotel Info

Hey everyone, Brandy here… as our main hotel is sold out, we now have a wonderful overflow hotel just 6 short blocks from the Choo Choo and less than 3 blocks from the shuttle!

The Staybridge Suites is a comfortable, upscale hotel that also comes with a hot breakfast each morning on your way to the con (before you have 2nd breakfast in the consuite).  

Studios with one queen bed and one queen sleeper sofa are $119 per night (plus taxes) and the one bedroom suites with either a king or two full beds plus a sleeper sofa are $129 per night (plus taxes).

We were very lucky to get this price as many of the hotels are going for over $140 during the busy tourist season.

For reservations, please call 423-267-0900 or 1-800-238-8000 and simply refer to the room block for LibertyCon.  The cut-off date for this rate is June 15, so call now!

As this is a brand new contract, if you have any issues getting the reservation, please email me.

LC29 Shirts and Banquet ticket ordering is live!

I know you guys have been waiting for us to put up the ordering for this year's t-shirts and Banquet tickets...  so wait no more!

They're both online now on the Online Ordering page, so run on over and get what you want.

Have a couple of things to remind you of though...

The first thing is to remember that we order VERY FEW extra shirts to sell at the convention.  If you want a shirt, the only way you're going to get one is ordering it online (unless you're really really lucky).  We have all the same styles from last year, T-Shirt/Polo/Long Sleeve/Girl Cut with all the same colors.  

Though I bet you're wondering what the artwork is this year.  After all, there's all the info on the styles but no artwork!  Well, we don't have it yet, but we'll be sure to let you know when we do.  But considering that it's being done by Todd Lockwood, do you really think that you're not going to like it?  Wink

As for the Banquet tickets, remember that they are limited.  First come, first served until we sell out.  (I believe we have 110 total tickets though I might be off by a few).  The banquet is a good time, and honestly the food is quite good...  hey, I've been to enough of these things over the years to know that's not always the case.  We hope to see you guys out there this year!