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The Champions of Elan Book 1:

At the heart of the city-state of Harmonia lies the castle for which the city was named. It is the fabled home of the four goddesses who formed the world of Elan and then guided its people to enlightenment.

For centuries, the castle has been a landmark and tourist attraction, drawing in citizens from the neighboring countries daily. Most consider it a tourist attraction, doubting the legend of its divine origin, though a few still see it as place of holy significance.

It has been a time of peace and prosperity for the city and its people.

That time is over. The castle is no longer empty. The goddesses have returned.

And they are not alone.

Mixing epic fantasy, fable, and a bit of esoteric anachronism, Harmonia challenges the concepts of gods, religion, faith, society, life, good, evil, and humanity in a fast-paced and fun adventure, with a hint of darkness.

The Champions of Elan: Harmonia contains material that may not be considered appropriate for all ages. Parental guidance is advised.
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Brett Brooks

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