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Sha'Daa: Facets

Once every ten thousand years, the walls between worlds grow thin, the stars align and Hell is close.

It is the time of The Sha'Daa.

Never before seen documents reveal the horrific, eldritch, and secret history of the last century.

Sha'Daa: Facets offers up Twenty-Four terrifying tales of the past and the present.

The Authors
Rob Adams
Larry Atchley, Jr.
Jeff Barnes
Gustavo Bondoni
Wayne Joseph Borean
Jason Cordova
Terrence Ulysses Cork
Richard Groller
Michael H. Hanson
C.J. Henderson
Robby Hilliard
Deborah Koren
Dina Leacock
Shebat Legion
Mallory Makepeace
John Manning
Edward McKeown
Beth W. Patterson
Arthur Sanchez
Jamie K. Schmidt
Hildy Silverman
Allison Chrysler Smith
John Vise
Sarah Wagner
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Eric S. Brown

Jason Cordova

Rich Groller

Michael H. Hanson

Robby Hilliard

Dina Leacock

Edward McKeown

Beth Patterson

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