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Sha'Daa: Pawns

Sha'Daa Series Book 3:

Once every 10,000 years comes The Sha'Daa, a two-day stretch of time when evil is permitted to cross the cosmic, dimensional barriers of reality, and attack the Earth. Michael H. Hanson's shared-world, dark-fantasy anthology series is a thrilling collection of exciting and frightening tales, penned by a talented army of writers, many making their startling debuts in the fields of urban fantasy, horror, and science fiction. Stories run the gamut from true soul-shaking horror, to wry and ironic takes on the end of reality as we know it. Unlikely heroes in unusual locations around the globe battle not only for their own survival, but for all of humanity
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Jason Cordova

Rich Groller

Michael H. Hanson

Edward McKeown

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