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Never Trust a Sorcerer

Trust Series Book 1:

At the behest of her brother, Lady Serra Bloodmoon turns to the feared Dretho the Mage for a cure to her horrid nightmares. As news reaches her that her brother has been murdered, and her sister, kidnapped, she returns to Moondale with a mission. Knowing that taking the Bloodmoon Brigade would mean her sister's demise, she embarks alone only to find help in a handsome stranger who isn't exactly what he seems. After a series of unexpected events, she discovers the dreaded book of Gyndless the Almighty, once responsible for Remus-wide genocide, is once again in the hands of an evil sorcerer. The very sorcerer responsible for the deaths of so many she holds dear. As the sorcerer's monstrous horde begins its descent on Moondale, all the goodly folk of Remus will have to band together in an epic battle, or risk annihilation. This 500+ page novel is the first of The Trust Series by L R Barrett-Durham.
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L. R. Barrett-Durham (Leia Powell)

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