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Loki: Hellbound

Cleo’s back and has decided that mortality sucks.

A politician is dead, a stripper is the main suspect, and there are gods working at local “gentleman’s clubs”. With a story like that, you know there has to be a trickster involved. Throw in a sexy cop and relationship issues and you’ve got yourself a hot novel.

The underbelly of Hampton Roads seems like it is not the place for a sophisticated trickster like Cleo. As the mortal reincarnation of the trickster god, Cleo has insight into what makes mortals tic; except when she is one. She poses as “Lizzie”, your average girl-gone-bad in an attempt to get close to the Norfolk Police Department’s number one suspect in the death of a local politician.

As “Lizzie” tries to get close enough to Maddy during the hot summer nights, it becomes apparent that there is a lot more going on than your average stripper-kills-politician story. The heat in this case may very well cook the skin off of anyone who gets too close to the truth.

Cleo has to remain as “Lizzie” as long as she can with only a little help from her lover-gone-commitment phobic, her godling brother, failing powers, and a cat that no one saw coming. Does the trickster god-on-Earth have enough up her sleeve to survive or is this her last foray in mortal form?
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Charity Ayres

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