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Dark Corners

There's something terrifying around every turn.

When the world as we know it has ended and all that remains of humanity's earthly ways are the stories that reside within the libraries of the space habitats, the view of humanity can be skewed. In these twenty-four stories is a sample of how the earthly mind worked, how it delighted in terrifying, how it indulged in the horrific. What must our future selves think of us?

This second volume in the Night Chills series offers tales from authors who joined us in Terror by Gaslight, as well as some new and delightful minds. Rie Sheridan Rose, Wayne Borean, R. E. Hinkle, Catherine Stovall, and John Manning himself are among those who have filled the pages of this volume with a sprinkling of humor and a large dose of chills.
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Kacey Ezell

Rich Groller

Michael H. Hanson

De Anna McHarge Manning

Beth Patterson

Chris Smith

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