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The Fugitive Heir

My parents are not dead!

Everyone thinks I am in denial, and have been ever since my parents vanished seven years ago. Everyone thinks I should just shut up, and accept the vast inheritance coming my way. Everyone thinks I should let it go, and get on with my life.

Everyone is wrong.

I know my parents are still aliveóbut if I reveal how I know, Iíll be drafted into Psi Corps. But my inheritance can fund my search for them.

I did not count on deadly opposition from the board of the very company Iím about to inherit. There are powerful people involved who will go to extreme lengths to protect their dark secrets and silence me forever. But those people do not know about my three wildcardsómy rebuilt spaceship, my best friend who doubles as my bodyguard, and the psychic powers Iíve kept secret my entire life.

My parents are alive, and Iím going to find and rescue themówhatever it takes.

Audible: http://www.audible.com/pd/Sci-Fi-Fantasy/The-Fugitive-Heir-Audiobook/B01DPSAZ2Q/
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Henry Vogel

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