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The Dead of Night

The Dead of Night: Book 2 of the Shadow-Borne Chronicles

Book one, Shadow Born, revealed the transformation of Alec Carson into a half-vampire half-human hybrid with all the strengths and abilities of a vampire, but with none of their weaknesses. After surviving attacks, assassins and a hostage situation, Alec went before the vampire Elderís Council to plead for his life and right to exist, or be put to death. After three Ancient Ones, the oldest vampires in existence, stepped in and spoke on Alecís behalf he was declared free. Alec thought he could get his life back on track, though a slightly different one than heíd planned. Book 2, The Dead of Night, finds Alec being tested beyond anything he could have ever imagined, exploring how much heís willing to trust those he doesnít know and how far heís willing to go to save himself and those around him. When his enemy, the Devil, creates a weapon that is forbidden by vampire law, someone close to Alec gets hurt and a friend is abducted. The situation quickly turns from bad to worse and Alec is soon overwhelmed by all of the obstacles facing him. The plots and schemes of the Devil may break Alec, or they may just reveal a hidden strength he didnít know he had, forcing him to become something he never imagined.

Paul Cagle

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