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Raising Caine

Nebula Finalist, featured in PW Reviews and Kirkus Reviews

Caine Riordan, reluctant diplomatic and military intelligence operative, has just finished playing his part repulsing the Arat Kur's and Hkh'Rkh's joint invasion of Earth.

But scant hours after the attackers surrender, the mysterious but potentially helpful Slaasriithi appeal to Caine to shepherd a diplomatic mission on a visit to their very alien worlds. The possible prize: a crucial alliance in a universe where the fledgling Consolidated Terran Republic has very few friends.

But Caine and his legation aren't the only ones journeying into the unknown reaches of Slaasriithi space. A group of renegade K'tor are following them, intending to destroy humanity's hopes for a quick alliance. And that means finding and killing Caine Riordan.

Assuming that the bizarre and dangerous Slaasriithi lifeforms don't do it first.

About Raising Caine and the Caine Riordan Series:

Raising Caine is . . . a whole mess of fun, globes-trotting around a universe that manages to be scientifically accurate. . . . Those who value meticulous world-building will certainly have their needs met. . . . The universe is a lot larger and more complex than any of us guessed, but paradoxically, by needs, the contact points choke down to individuals. That individual is Caine: polymath, spy, all-around badass. --B&N SF&F Blog

Gannon's harrowing third Tales of the Terran Republic military space opera (following Trial by Fire) builds well on his established setting. . . .(His) signature attention to developing realistic alien worlds makes this installment satisfying.---Publishers Weekly

I've liked all three books, and this one is my favorite. It has fascinating non-human characters, hate-able villains and twisty conspiracies, all playing out on Gannon's broad intergalactic canvas. There are space battles, daring emergency landings, desperate quests, hand-to-hand combat and double-and-triple crosses. It's an engrossing read. You owe it to yourself to read the two previous books in order. Then enjoyRaising Caine. It's an intergalactic thrill-ride.--Fantasy Literature

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Charles E. Gannon

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