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Adamant and Other Stories

Eleven stories of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary circumstances.
  • Roak is plowing his fields when he receives The Call.
  • Harry Hunter is making an ordinary freight run when his ship's computer breaks down.
  • Steph Jurdan is living out his life in obscurity when a journalistfinally tracks him down.
  • Cheryl Hemming and Ann Furlan are on vacation when they make a wrong turn.
  • Craig Vanson discovers the future is both familiar and unrecognizable.
  • Senior Guild Pilot JaneHenderson, recuperating from a routine run, wakes up somewhere else.
  • Billy and Red try to figure out what use to make of a discarded time machine.
  • Sha'nel makes a futile offering to the gods on the very eve ofwar.
  • Fleet Commander Pitjara trips a mousetrap with his fleet.
  • Junior Guild Pilot Mulga must enforce the Guild's Penalty Clause, for the very first time.
  • Computer programmer Maki gets an unusual assignment, with far-reaching consequences.
Adamant and other stories contains the novella Adamant, the novelette On Purpose, a flash-fiction serial in ten parts, six other science fiction short stories, and two fantasy short stories. This is the author's first published fiction.
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Rich Weyand

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