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Galactic Satori Chronicles: Book 1 - Earth

A thirst for revenge sends one man on a deadly journey through the galaxy in the adrenaline-pumping new novel Galactic Satori Chronicles.

Written by Nick Braker and Paul E. Hicks, this raucous sci-fi adventure introduces Asher, a young man whose world is turned upside down when he discovers that his fiancee's death has been directly caused by an imminent alien invasion.

In a desire to better understand humans in order to destroy them, these aliens are projecting their consciousnesses onto unsuspecting men and women - and in the process, are learning exactly how to use humanity's own selfishness and greed as weapons against them.

Fueled by emotions that the aliens will never understand, Asher bands together with a group of friends. These four MIT coeds are more than meets the eye and go to battle with those who are intent on destroying our planet.

Asher takes the fight from Earth to an alien spaceship and back again - a fight that will either save the planet... or doom it.

The first in series, Galactic Satori Chronicles is an engrossing look at the manipulation of time, mental projection, futuristic technology... and, of course, aliens.
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Nick Braker

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