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What if you didn't believe in the afterlife promised by the religions of the world? What if science could give you guaranteed eternity? What would you do to keep it, if others try to take it away?

Gary Jeffers was a genius at electronics, and all of his money could not stop the cancer that was eating his life. Afterlife Corporation promised him the chance to live, love and work for the rest of eternity. But his wife and his church are convinced that mind uploading is assisted suicide, and that Gary will condemn his soul to hell. Gary finds all he is looking for in the virtual world and more. All his dreams, all his fantasies, and a mind and memory like he had never imagined.But the religions of the world stand against Afterlife, rallying around the fundamentalist President of the United States. It becomes a fight to the finish, the quantity of the real world versus the quality of Afterlife. Can the virtuals survive, to enhance the world with their knowledge and wisdom? Or will ignorance and superstition wipe the grand experiment from the face of the Earth?
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Doug Dandridge

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