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Pius Tales: The Complete Tales of the Pius Trilogy

In the beginning, there was NOT "A Pius Man," but a legion of stories behind it. There were spies, and terrorists and explosions aplenty. None of the heroes had materialized from the ether.

Now, see how Sean Ryan became the man of massive property damage. See Scott "Mossad" Murphy's entrance to Israeli Intelligence, and witness the creation of the Goyim Brigade. Watch terrorists attack New York, Boston and Bethlehem.

And exploding Christmas trees.

Can't forget those.

Pius Tales collects all the stories of Pius Origins and Pius Holidays, with additional material, all collected here for the first time.

Stories include

One Way to Get out of Jail

Swiss Family Mafia

Tinker, Tailor, Goyim, Spy

God Hates ... Superman?

Erin Go Boom

Let Freedom Ring

O Little Town of BethMayhem

Deck the Maul


Includes essays and stories found nowhere else, from the twisted mind of Declan Finn.
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Declan Finn

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