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Zook Country

Jake Chestnut and partner Gary Landon own Seraglio, a company hired by a billionaire's consortium to exterminate zooks - victims of bite delivered metamorphic plague, a fatal disease that turns victims into rabid animals who move so quickly that a normal person can't see them as they move. Jake must discover why the billionaires paying Seraglio to clear a safe enclave for the elite are suddenly trying to kill his team.

The hardened men and women who hunt zooks have been on the front line of a virtual war for five years, killing monsters who were once people. Entire cities have been depopulated and nobody knows which way the fight for humanity's survival will go as America and the rest of the world become Zook Country. Jake relays Seraglio's story with a contagious blend of cynicism and gallows humor as what he learns leads toward civil war.
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Bill Swears

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