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The April Sullivan Chronicles: Necromancer For Hire

April Sullivan is a young woman with a special gift. She can raise the dead. This collection of stories introduces you to the April's world, the world of a professional necromancer. Her days and nights populated with vampires, werewolves, and demons as well others of her stock in trade, April must use all the tools at her disposal, mystical and otherwise, not only to ply her trade, but to stay alive. This first collection gathers the initial seven April stories, from their homes in various anthologies, into one volume for the first time. "Necrodance" - April teaches a serial killer a lesson on the difference between being the hunter and being the hunted. "Bonds of Blood" - Sibling rivalry takes a new spin as April and her vampire brother meet to "discuss" the affairs of their ailing mother. "Solstice" - April must combat the necromancer who taught her everything she knows before he can raise an army. And the army he intends to raise: Arlington National Cemetery. "Class Reunion" - April attends the funeral of the first boy she ever loved, but dark events converge to ensure he doesn't rest in peace. "Solomon" - April plays a dangerous game of chance with a demon with her immortal soul as collateral. "Symphony of Wolves" - April's boyfriend takes her to the symphony on the night of the full moon. What could go wrong? "The Fall and Rise of Julian LaMorte" - An origin story of sorts for April's once mentor now nemesis. This book clocks in at just over 150 pages and is perfect if you're looking for a quick, fun read in the urban fantasy genre. And in case you really like, never fear, for more April is on the way!
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Darin Kennedy

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