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The Clock Struck None

From airships lost between universes, to golems winning the fight against racism, Lou Antonelli explains the many ways the world might have been. Dip into this collection of previously-published tales, and you'll experience:

* Where technology suppresses magic in an apartheid-like state.

* Ancient civilizations that succumb to their own nuclear holocausts.

* Alternate worlds in which Christianity is just one of many minor Earth-bound religions, and others where it rules and spans outer space.

* How the America's westward expansion would have happened if the New Madrid earthquake had allowed the North American inland sea to reform.

Here you'll find Antonelli's version of Brigadoon, and of the sinking of the "Titanic" and the "Carpathia." You'll visit alternate realities that have been hiding Neanderthals, and pick up the lost Kodak snapshots of what might have been. With cameo appearances by O. Henry, Robert E. Howard, and Rod Serling, join this wild ride and delve into demonic possession, immortality, and the infinite variety of other worlds.

Includes the 2013 Sidewise Award for Alternate History finalist short story "Great White Ship."

Lou Antonelli is a modern speculative fiction author with classic sensibilities, honed by a long career as a newspaperman.
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Lou Antonelli

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