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Letters from Gardner

A Writer's Odyssey -- a quest to get published by one of the most prominent short fiction editors of our time.

This book is hard to classify, difficult to categorize. If you flip randomly through the pages, you're most likely to think it is a short fiction collection, specifically of science fiction and fantasy stories. But look some more, and you might think it's a how-to book, the topic being How to Break Into Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy.

On the other hand, you'd be justified in thinking it's a memoir of a kind, of one author's efforts to break in as a published science fiction and fantasy author. Finally, you could even be forgiven in thinking it's a history, telling the tale of the last days when science fiction and fantasy original fiction was mostly propagated in print, not pixels, in real magazines made of paper compounded from ground up trees.

You'd be right in all cases, because this book combines all those threads and tells a narrative you will find interesting combined with science fiction and fantasy stories you will find entertaining.

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Lou Antonelli

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