Greetings from LibertyCon! Thank You for Visiting our page.

The dates for LibertyCon this year are:

LibertyCon 31
June 29 – July 1, 2018
Chattanooga Marriott Downtown

LibertyCon 31 Guests of Honor

Literary Guest of Honor: Mike Resnick

Artist Guest of Honor: John Picacio

Science Guest of Honor: Dr. Kevin Grazier

Special Guest of Honor: D.B. Jackson / David B. Coe

Master of Ceremonies: Charles E. Gannon


REGISTRATION is now closed   for purchasing memberships to LibertyCon 31. As of March 4, 2018, LC31 is a Sold Out Show.  Still, life happens and priorities mean some folks may have to cancel attending and roll over their memberships to next year.  As these membership slots become available, folks on the LC31 Registration Waiting List will be called. To get on that waiting list, please send an email to chairman@libertycon.org.

All Badges will be available for pickup at the convention.


We are now less than a month away from LibertyCon 31.

The Final Pre-Con Meeting will be happening on Sunday, June 17, 2018. If you have questions which need to be addressed by us, please email us and let us know before this meeting.

Badges are being printed. Program Book is being Printed. Food is being ordered. All systems are currently a GO!


If you have purchased an LC31 membership and are unable to attend, please contact our Director of Registration at registration@libertycon.org BEFORE the convention and we will roll over your membership(s) to the next LibertyCon. Letting us know DURING or AFTER the convention is too late. Please let us know so we can contact the next person on the waiting list who is eager to attend.

For those who have Hotel reservation within the roomblock who cannot attend: DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL TO CANCEL! Contact the Chairman, Brandy, at Brandy@libertycon.org and she will take care of it.

The Guests page provide information on all the LibertyCon 31 guests for 2018. New guests will be added as they are confirmed.

A new feature are adding: LibertyCon Forums. Use this space to communicate with each other and the LibertyCon board about convention questions, issues, and discussions.